Fedina druide argento zircone bianco


Fedina in argento realizzata a mano con zircone bianco sull’estremità in rilievo.
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S: misura di partenza 4, regolabile fino a misura 9
M: Misura di partenza 10 , regolabile fino a misura 14
L: Misura di partenza 15 regolabile fino a misura 20
XL: Misura di partenza 21

Every creation is handmade in Italy by Flaminia Barosini using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. The materials used are bronze and silver, which are considered 'live metals' so they can oxidise or, depending on the PH of the skin, they can cause loss of color on the skin. Any imperfections or alterations express the value and uniqueness of each piece. It may slightly vary from the item pictured.