It all comes from Flaminia’s desire to give shape to her ideas and her art with the creation of a personal line of jewellery. After a degree in Jewelery Design at the European Institute of Design (IED) and a diploma at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design from London, Flaminia created its first collection in 2010, laying the foundations of a path that after a few months was transformed into a real brand. Federica, a graduate in Management Economics, joins her in this wonderful adventure , putting all his wealth of experience into the project. Federica manages all aspects of brand development, external relations and digital pr activities.

Each collection is designed as a narrative journey, which from time to time tells the story of the relationship between human beings, nature and matter. What inspires Flaminia, designer of the brand, are his experiences and his passions: from travel to books, through art, photography and love for the different cultures he encounters around the world. The bronze and silver, embellished with zircons, are shaped by hand using the ancient technique of lost wax casting, with the aim of creating small works of art, unique in their shape and imperfection and authentic in their extreme materiality.

The Flaminia Barosini brand was born from the desire to convey through jewels the love and passion for handmade things, authenticity and art
There is no design behind Flaminia’s projects, but they are molded directly on the wax like small sculptures.